Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ballpoint Sketchbook 7 -Last One

This is my  last entry in the book so far, done while watching this past Academy Awards -an obligatory (at least for me) Moray Eel drawing. I just plumb don't like the image on the left page so I'm not going to post it. But I like this guy. He's a good place to end. 
That's it for now. I have continued to draw, sketch, for sure. Tons of stuff. Just not in this book, and not in ballpoint pen. I hope to return and finish this effing book!

Ballpoint Sketchbook 6

More Posefile and hand studies. Horror/Fantasy/Science Fiction writer HP Lovecraft on the upper right. The orange business on the next page refers to buying a stash of orange ballpoint pens, a sort of magic bullet color that is as close to yellow as you can get in ballpoint pen ink, at least that I've found.

Ballpoint Sketchbook 5

More Posefile studies -at this point I started doing the other thing I do when I'm in a sketching period of my life -I started drawing tons of hand studies. In fact, they pretty much take over the book at this point. Illustrator Andrew Loomis said to draw " a hand a day", a good idea which I always forget to do, but when I am in a sketch and study mode I draw them till I puke. They are amongst the most complicated bony forms in the human body as far as I'm concerned, and you can't draw them enough.
Yes, that is a badly remembered rendition of Ditko/Charlton's "The Question" in the upper right of the second page -hence the "?"

Ballpoint Sketchbook4

The nude studies I started to do in this book, are from a series of Japanese art reference books called Posefile. They function quite well in the absence of a real model, and the models are very often posed in interesting and difficult poses which are almost brain teasers to draw. That's SF writer AE VanVogt on the top right...
I reached  the quarter way mark in the book, and drew myself an appropriate milestone to mark it on the bottom left.

Ballpoint Sketchbook 3

That's David Thomas singer for AvantPunk act Pere Ubu on the left above the, er, heiny, and on the right a tribute to Wally Wood one of my favorite comic artists, who, alas, came to a very sad end. The other page is yet another drawing of Nina Hagen looking adorable on a TV performance of her first single "Du Hast den Farbfilm vergessen"  That's on youTube if you're curious to see it...but be forewarned, it's totally a corny novelty thing if you're allergic to that kind of stuff.

Ballpoint Sketchbook 2

That's Nina Hagen on the top pages, punked out and prepunked out, and on the next set, the actor that played King Vitaman in the second ad campaign for the cereal (after the initial Jay Ward cartoon one), and on the right is Mrs. Miles Davis - an interesting 70's recording artist herself, Betty Mabry, better known as Betty Davis, in a somewhat demure pose for her.

The Ballpoint Pen Sketchbook!

I started a sketchbook last year, using a ballpoint pen in a classic school composition notebook. I thought it would be a fun thing to do. Well, ballpoints are neat and I quickly collected as many colored ink true ballpoint pens as I could find, but the paper in this book turned out to be crap. I've often poked holes through it, and had to repair it with little scotch tape bandaids. It's too late to stop, I've already drawn a great deal in it, and I consider it part of the challenge now to work with these limitations in completing the thing. 

Anyway, I've selected some pages that I thought might be fun to put up here. You can see what the ink does to the surface of this paper, that's why putting it in a scanner makes it look even worse. So, the camera it is.

Those are leafhoppers on the second page. They use to used be all over our yard when I was a kid. There are all different types, but this is the one I remember.  Tiny little bright green, wedge shaped guys, that hop all over the place. Yep, we used to catch them. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Still Like These

I fished these out of the racks the other day- a couple of one or two day oil paintings done when I was entirely in an Alla Prima groove and did no underpainting of any kind.  A fun way to work, as you get results fast, but you can turn out a lot of junk. But I still like these efforts of a couple of favorite screen presences -Barbara Steele from Fellini's "8 1/2", and Oliver Reed from Michael Winner's "I'll Never Forget Whats'isName".  Geez, done over 3 years ago now. 
Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like bananas.

Done on 16x20 gessoed masonite

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Blog For the Miscellaneous In Life

I created this blog for some of the art that has nothing to do with my caricature stuff...not exactly, anyway.