Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ballpoint Sketchbook4

The nude studies I started to do in this book, are from a series of Japanese art reference books called Posefile. They function quite well in the absence of a real model, and the models are very often posed in interesting and difficult poses which are almost brain teasers to draw. That's SF writer AE VanVogt on the top right...
I reached  the quarter way mark in the book, and drew myself an appropriate milestone to mark it on the bottom left.


  1. Amazing. I don't see any clean up or guidelines. Do you just jump straight to the contours without doing any rough lines or skeleton or do you start with pencil and clean up afterward?

  2. Thanks! The name of the game is to try and balls it without a pencil, so I don't like to do that .
    Usually I start out with a light line and do a drawing- like the nude study in the light blue in the upper right hand corner of bottom right page. So, yes, most of time a contour drawing -sometimes I do use (the fainter the better) contruction lines to line up things.
    With regard to a pencil - if things are too complex, or if I'm in a mental state where I feel I can't do it without a pencil line first, I've forgiven myself and go ahead and do it. The nude yoga pose with the toe socks would be a candidate for starting with a pencil, but I don't remember now, and, I just looked, I don't see anything there so I can't say for sure.
    This paper is really crap though, so you can't muck around too much -the less steps, the better result.

    In general, if you're looking to develop a lighter touch with your line (and I have a naturally heavy hand) , I highly recommend doing this!