Monday, June 1, 2009

My Nostalgia Files: The Project For Living Artists

I was just rummaging through the files of an almost full external drive looking for stuff to put on disk, when I came across these archived photos of my sketches from when I went to class at The Project For Living Artists down on Greene Street, now many years ago. I was turned on to this class by some longtime illustrator buddies, who went there on a regular basis, and I continued to go for quite a while on my own after they had moved on.  It was a large classic Soho bohemian basement space,and the classes were run by this guy Joe who had two cats that roamed the class. The models were almost always good, and the location for me in terms of commuting was perfect. Joe now runs a class in Williamsburg which is not a good commuting fit. 

Anyway, it was a period of a lot of intense drawing from life, something which due to my current concentration on painting, I've not been doing a lot of, apart from in a  professional capacity, which is not the same . Seeing  the pics of these oxidized drawings, makes me really want to get back into it. I'm loving describing things with line again. 

 I'll have to check out the League, Salmagundi Club,Society of Illustrators, or SVA and see what fits.

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