Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Hunter: The Darwin Cooke "Draw Parker" Contest!

Many people probably already know Darwyn Cooke, but just in case -he's an award winning artist famous for working on the Warner Bros animated cartoons (Batman/Superman), and for his stylish, comics and graphic novels for DC. Anyway, he has completed an illustrated version of Richard Stark aka Donald Westlake's The Hunter which features Stark's brutal, single minded criminal -Parker. As a fun promo he and Calum Johnston who runs his blog, had a "Draw Parker" contest . You can checkout the winners and other entries of that contest on this page:

This is my entry - I tried to make it look a bit like paperback illustrator Robert Maguire, who did a ton of terrific covers over the course of his career.

And nobody came away from the contest empty handed -how cool is that?! Looking forward to forward to my copy of the book...!

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Couple of Still Lifes

I haven't posted for a few on this blog, so I'll post these - a couple still lifes done in oil on board around this time last year. I like painting still life subjects, I find them very relaxing to do. Obviously the subjects don't move, so the only problem you have to deal with is changing light. The idea for these was to juxtapose slightly incongruous objects. The one with the Mad Ball I still have hanging in my studio. They're all "8"x"10"on gessoed cardboard.