Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Claudia Black as Aeryn Sun

Since July -GEEZ! Let's remedy....
Here's a little oil painting from yesteryear -Claudia Black as Aeryn Sun from the SF TV show Farscape...


  1. One little gripe: the character's name is Sun, even though it's pronounced as "Soon".

    Anyway, lovely painting of Claudia. She was terrific in "Farscape" and later "Stargate". I was even tempted into watching the godawful "Queen of the Damned" move because she featured in a small role.

    I actually have a folder full of reference photos of her on my hard disk for a caricature and/or portrait that I haven't done yet. She's got an interesting face - not traditionally pretty, but very attractive.

  2. Thanks Rodney!
    Crap, I knew I should have checked with the IMDB instead of just typing it into Google. Apparently there are others who spell it wrong as well.
    Thanks em! - corrections made-
    yes she has a very interesting face, as you say - not traditionally pretty, but very attractive. And it was a once in a lifetime character on that show that showcased her unusual charms.
    Black and Browder had an unusually compelling and convincing chemistry together on that show, possibly unique in SF genre television.
    Haven't done any renders of him yet.
    I confess I've not followed either in any of the other stuff.

  3. Excellent again Jim! What is the medium?